I found a keeper in the Feg P9R


Feg P9R 9mm

Feg P9R

What if Browning and Smith & Wesson had a baby?  It might look something like the Feg P9R.  FEGARMY Arms in Hungary has combined the Browning designed cam locked barrel with the Smith & Wesson double action trigger.

The Feg P9R is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol.  The double action pistol has an external hammer and a slide mounted safety that acts as a decocker when the safety is engaged.  The double stack 9mm holds a 14 round magazine.


Feg P9R with slide open

Like most pistols, the P9R is set up for right handed shooters.  The slide release, safety and magazine release button are all on the left side.

This particular Feg possesses a nice blue finish with wood grips.  Synthetic grip panels can also be found.  The sights are low with the front sight being permanently mounted and the rear sight dovetailed into the slide.

The author has fired approximately 500 rounds through this pistol with no jams or misfires.  The action feeds and cycles both hollow point and full metal jacketed ammo with ease.  The accuracy of the pistol has been good to very good with shot grouping consistent with similar firearms.

Though I’m personally not a huge fan of the 9mm round, I’ve decided to keep the Feg.  Its fun to shoot and has proven itself to be reliable and accurate.  The 14 round capacity is also comforting should the need for high volume of fire ever be needed.

Appearance wise, I prefer wood and blued steel over plastic on any gun.  With its wood grip panels, the Feg retains the look of a classic Browning High Power.


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