Iver Johnson .410 shotgun

This is one of those guns that was neglected for years and finally brought back from near ruin.  Had the gun sat out in the garage much longer there may have been nothing left of it.


There wasn’t one good thing about the gun


The receiver was rusted so bad the lettering was completely hidden.


Paint dotted most of the gun

This poor little .410 was kept in a garage for the past 17 years.  It stood in the corner rusting away out of sight and out of mind.  As you can see the stock was taped because of a deep crack and paint spots were left when the garage was painted.  All in all a pretty sad little shotgun.  There were marks on the barrel from a vise or pliers that held the barrel while it was shortened with a hack saw.

Numrich Gun Parts was the source of a replacement spring.  Brownell’s was where I purchased a new front bead sight and cold blue.  The rough end of the barrelwas squared up and tapped for the front sight.  The barrel was sanded, polished and reblued.  The crack in the stock was cleaned out and then glued.  The whole stock was stripped, steamed, sanded and treated with several rubbings of boiled linseed oil.  Every part was disassembled and cleaned.  Then all parts were either greased or oiled.


The barrel was sanded, polished and cold blued.


The receiver was cleaned with oil and 0000 steel wool.


The receiver was left looking vintage.


The crack is barely visible after repair.

Today the Iver Johnson .410 is one of the family and lives indoors.  It looks nice and is now treated nice.  Only a few hours per night for a week with simple hand tools brought this neat little shotgun back to life.


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I've been an active shooter, reloader and gunsmith for 30+ years. I hold a Bachelor's degree from Montana State University and a Master's degree from the University of Oregon. I enjoy studying, collecting and shooting just about every type and kind of firearm.
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