The SPAS-12:Combat Shotgun



SPAS-12 with accessories

The SPAS-12 by Franchi (FIE) along with sling, hook, and ‘duck plug’.

The Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun in 12 gauge better known as the SPAS-12 may be the most popular combat shotgun ever made.  Not most popular by production numbers or use in combat but by use in movies: Jurassic Park, Terminator, Robo Cop, Jumanji, Bad Boys and many others.  Television shows: Miami Vice, Hunter, Blue Bloods, The Walking Dead, and even Star Trek:Deep Space Nine.  And the list of video games that contain a SPAS-12 seems endless and includes such popular games as: Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, Area-51, Pay Day, Rainbow Six, and Code of Honor.

Folded SPAS-12

The SPAS-12 with stock folded and hook used as a carry handle.

Though the video version of the SPAS-12 seems to be everywhere the real version has been quite popular too.  Elite military forces in countries like Argentina, Australia, Panama, Lebanon, Ireland, Turkey, Thailand, and Malaysia have used or currently use the SPAS-12.

The SPAS-12 with 8 round capacity

SPAS-12 has the ability to fire 8 rounds semi-automatically

The SPAS-12 is a big heavy well-built shotgun that was designed for combat.  Its extended magazine allows it to carry eight 2 3/4″ shotgun shellsammo.  Its steel stock can be folded to make it more compact or extended for more accurate shoulder fire.  The SPAS-12 has a unique hook that can be fitted to the stock to be used as a carry handle or to allow the user to fire the weapon with one hand.  The fore end features a button that when depressed provides the user to select semi-automatic fire or pump-action fire.  The SPAS-12 is also one of the few shotguns that comes with a sling that allows a person to carry the weapon and still have use of their hands.

SPAS-12 fore end

This button on the underside of the SPAS-12 allows it to be switched from pump-action to semi-auto fire capability.

The shotgun’s heavy weight of  4.4kg or 9.5lbs absorbs recoil so semi-automatic fire is not difficult.  Firing the weapon with its steel stock and no recoil pad is not at all punishing.  Despite it weight, with the hook under the forearm the shotgun can be realistically fired with one hand.

The proper use of the SPAS-12 hook.

The hook on the SPAS-12 used to allow the user to fire the weapon with one hand.

Personally, I think the SPAS-12 is probably the coolest shotgun around.  Its ability to fire high powered loads in semi-automatic mode or cycled by pump-action to shoot low powered loads, makes it capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition.  It looks rugged and the fact that a person can fire the weapon with one hand while driving makes it super cool.

Later SPAS-12s were made with a push-button safety.

This early version of the SPAS-12 has the original safety and has not been updated.



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